100 Top-Rated Hotels & Inns

Here are links to top-rated lodging in Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley, and the Healdsburg area, which are the three most popular Wine Country destinations.

The Wine Country offers a variety of lodging options ranging from crisp and clean motel accommodations, to luxury bed and breakfast inns, to world-class hotels and resorts–with just about everything you can imagine in between. Whether you are spending a night, a weekend, a week, or longer, there’s an option to fit every need, taste, and budget.

Researching and sorting through the options can be a time consuming and frustrating experience. To simplify and hopefully to smooth your experience, we have compiled lists of “top lodging” organized by Wine Country geography. Each list provides:

  • The street address and phone number for each lodging establishment
  • The number of rooms in each establishment, to give you an indication of its size
  • A link to each establishment’s website, so you can fully explore the amenities it offers, and in most cases book a reservation.

Our lists are not intended to be comprehensive. You may find accommodations that are not on our lists and are well suited to your needs. Our purpose in compiling our lists is to identify accommodations that are perhaps the most likely to enhance your Wine Country visit. Our lists are informed by four sources:

  • AAA diamond ratings, a professionally administered rating system considered–along with the Mobil (Forbes) Guide–to produce the most reliable ratings for lodging in the United States
  • Associations of bed-and-breakfast and other inns that establish guidelines for cleanliness and comfort, and certify member compliance with these guidelines
  • Travelocity ratings, which capture feedback from guests in specific lodging establishments
  • The personal experience and knowledge of the Wine Country Guide team. (We all live in the Wine Country, interact with lodging managers on a regular basis, and talk to many visitors about many things including their lodging experiences.)