Gangsta Rap Comes To The Wine Country

Local Production Presents Provacative Perspective On The Wine Country

WARNING that this music video link is to a gangsta rap production that is not suitable for younger viewers. But, hey, what else is new about gangsta rap?

The video comes to us from Cameron Washington, the “mastermind” behind Russian Hill Projects,  a multimedia company based in San Francisco and Brooklyn. Says Cameron, “It’s about to get real up in the vineyards. The track features Vallejo emcee Moe Green, San Fran based emcee Jairo “Rojah” Vargas of Bayonics and Hot Pocket, and myself Cameron Washington.” Cameron warns that “the track has strong language.” To that we would add that the track also features some gestures generally frowned upon by polite society and behaviors considered unacceptable by most–no, make that all–wineries. In a word, it’s irreverent (did we mention that this is a gangsta rap video?).

According to Cameron Washington, here’s what others are saying about what is–as far as we know–the first gangsta rap video about the Wine Country:

“The most bad ass version of Wine Country we’ve ever seen” Huffington Post

“The rap video that will make your day..It’s got everything” San Francisco Chronicle

“It’s as catchy as 2Pac’s “California Love,” but more relevant to the wine crowd.” Terroirist

We are at least in decent company in giving this video exposure. Please enjoy it responsibly.