Lake County Winery Association

Organization of the Lake County Winery Association in 2007 reflects the continuing emergence and evolution of Lake County as one of the newest destinations for those looking to enjoy fine wines in a relaxed, down-to-earth, and breathtakingly beautiful rural environment.

This award-winning, yet unspoiled, and relatively undiscovered wine region is located just two hours by car from the San Francisco Bay area. It surrounds Clear Lake, California’s largest natural freshwater lake, and sits at the foot of Mt. Konocti, a dormant, multiple volcano that forms a prominent and majestic landmark.

In Lake County, it is the combination of the high elevation; rugged lands; the gentle slopping, rolling hillsides; the expansive fertile valley floor; and the spectacular and picturesque lake and lakeshore that provide the origin of Lake County’s highly acclaimed wines.

Winemakers have discovered the bounty of Lake County’s agriculturally rich valley, which surrounds ancient Clear Lake and the rocky red volcanic soil around Mt. Konocti. These soils, in conjunction with warm days and cool evenings have created an ideal environment for quality grape production.

Lake County, with its lovely rolling hills, forested mountains and dramatic Clear Lake, now has over 25 wineries open to the public.

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Name: Lake County Winery Association
Address: PO Box 1908
City: Middletown
State: CA
ZIP: 95461
Phone: 707-355-2762
Twitter: @LakeCountyWines