Napa Valley Balloons

There’s something special about taking a hot air balloon ride over Northern California’s Wine Country. The air is clear, the sun shines brighter and a sense of relaxation awaits you. Special occasions are often used as an excuse to sip champagne above the vineyards but why wait.

The combined experience of the Napa Valley Balloons, Inc. pilots is well over 19,000 hours of flight in just hot air balloons alone, putting you in the hands of the most experienced balloon piloting staff in the Napa Valley. Napa Valley Balloons, Inc has been seen on Oprah, Today, and the Travel Channel. Their commitment to safety and excellence even met the strict security criteria for Chelsea Clinton who joined Napa Valley Balloons, Inc for a morning of ballooning with pilot Bob Swanson above the beautiful Napa Valley.

One of our favorite rides is the Napa Valley Balloons Ultimate sightseeing experience over the Napa Valley with sparkling wine landing celebration. Yountville; 707-944-0228. Website at


Name: Napa Valley Balloons
Address: 795 Washington St.
City: Yountville
State: CA
ZIP: 94599
Phone: (800) 253-2224