Sterling Vineyards

The iconic Sterling Vineyards–perched on its stunning, Napa Valley hillside location offers one of the most idyllic experiences in the Wine Country.Guests glide 300 feet via aerial tram to reach the winery reminiscent of a Greek monastery. Founded in 1969, Sterling has long been recognized for innovative winemaking. In  fact, it was the first winery in the U.S. to produce a vintage-dated varietal Merlot.

Guests are greeted with a glass of wine and are immediately made welcome. A tour of the winery also offers visitors a great deal of wine education. Unlike some wineries, there is no canned spiel–you are your own guide. Elevated corridors above the work areas give visitors unrestricted views of the winemaking process. Photographs and educational panels are scattered throughout the winery, including a fascinating wine barrel stave display explaining the influence of various toasting levels and its effect on wine. Another unique innovation at Sterling is a “Winemaker’s Video Tour.” Through the use of three separate DVD videos displayed on large flat screen TVs, visitors join Sterling’s winemakers for a visit through the various seasons of the winemaking year.

Throughout the visitor center is one of the largest collections of wine-related art. Another feature that sets Sterling Vineyards apart is its tasting rooms. Guests are comfortably seated as a very gracious and knowledgeable staff presents the wines at your table. They offer wine and food pairing suggestions and are eager to answer any questions visitors might have after their “Winemaking 101 tour.”


Name: Sterling Vineyards
Address: 1111 Dunaweal Lane
City: Calistoga
State: CA
ZIP: 94515
Phone: (800) 726-6136