Stonehedge Winery

Stonehedge Winery Tasting Room

Stonehedge’s mission is to produce wines that are worlds apart from wines produced by the large producers or corporate conglomerates. The Stonehedge philosophy is to produce elegantly handcrafted wines that are affordable by the majority of the population.

The people behind Stonehedge ritually believe that wine is a delicate and sensitive product that must be handled with utmost respect and attention to all details. Stonehedge is dedicated to producing exciting, delicious, multi-dimensional wines that are not only available to a few, but to everyone.

Since its first release in the early 90’s, Stonehedge has quickly become synonymous with quality. Results speak for themselves. Stonehedge sales now span the globe, from the entire United States to Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa.


Name: Stonehedge Winery Tasting Room
Address: 1004 Clinton Street
City: Napa
State: CA
ZIP: 94559
Phone: 707-256-4444 ext. 305