Three Reasons To Visit Turnbull Wine Cellars

Some interesting things are happening at Turnbull Wine Cellars, and they want to make sure you experience them firsthand. There are many reasons to visit Turnbull, but here are three of the most compelling:

1. Free Tasting (with coupon–on page 37 of Wine Country Guide, or click here)

Truly free tasting a rarity in the Napa Valley, particularly this time of year. Two things make Turnbull’s free tasting offer even more unusual. It is good for up to four people, so you can bring friends. And you can redeem the offer for your choice of Turnbull’s regular tasting (in the Main Tasting & Retail Room) or the reserve tasting (in the Reserve Tasting Room & Gallery). The only hitch is you have to present a “coupon” to get in on the offer.

The “coupon” is simply the Turnbull story that will begin appearing in Wine Country Guide magazine in April. The folks at Turnbull understand that there is a lot of good wine to be sampled in the Napa Valley, and that the story behind the wine is key to garnering the attention of consumers in the first place and retaining the loyalty of customers over time. Theirs is a legitimately good story, and they want to make sure you’ve read it. So, they ask that you present the story at the tasting bar in exchange for free tasting. It seems a fair trade.

Wine Country Guide magazine is available free-of-charge from hotel concierges and innkeepers throughout the Wine Country–as well as at the 50 or so top hotels in San Francisco, in most winery tasting rooms, in visitor information centers, and at various other locations in and around the Wine Country.

If you present the Turnbull article that will appear in Wine Country Guide’s May and June issues (and maybe subsequent issues–be sure to look), they’ll give you free tasting for up to four people. And they’ll give you your choice of their regular tasting in the Main Tasting & Retail Room, or their reserve wine tasting in the Reserve Tasting Room & Gallery. They normally charge $10pp for the regular tasting and $20pp for the reserve tasting. So, simply by flashing a magazine that costs you nothing, you can save up to $80. Not bad.

But what if you’re a Wine Country local, or a day-tripper from somewhere else, who doesn’t have a friendly concierge or innkeeper to give you a current copy of Wine Country Guide? Not to worry, we have you covered. Just print out the “coupon” that’s available on the Turnbull page of this website (click here) and present it at one of the Turnbull tasting rooms. Works just as well as the magazine.

2. Excellent, Highly Rated Wines

While you’re checking out the Turnbull article in the magazine or at the link on this website, note that two of the wines are highly rated by a very prominent reviewer of fine wines. We didn’t have room for this tidbit in the article, but Robert Parker said something fairly extraordinary about the wine he awarded 94 points:

“Perhaps the best wine I have ever tasted from Turnbull is the 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon Black Label. An absolutely compelling example of Cabernet Sauvignon, with blueberry, blackberry, cassis, licorice, camphor, and graphite, this wine is intense and full-bodied, with sweet tannin, layers of concentration, a multi-dimensional personality, and a terrific finish”.

A “compelling example” of a Cabernet Sauvignon that costs $100 a bottle but you can taste for free? Wow. Perhaps we’ll see you in the Reserve Tasting Room & Gallery.

3. A Large Fine Art Photography Exhibition

Last, but not least, Turnbull has one of the largest permanent fine art photography exhibitions on the West Coast. Their photography collection is so large they have to rotate it through their beautiful gallery in lots of 60 to 90 pieces each. Many world-famous photographers are represented in the collection; Ansel Adams is but one of the headliners. There’s no charge to browse the gallery, whether or not you are tasting (but would you really want to pass on those highly-rated Cabs?) What a great way to spend a couple of hours in the Napa Valley–tasting great wines while enjoying great art. It doesn’t get any better than that, and it won’t cost you a dime. Enjoy!