Unconventional Diet Advice For The Holiday Season

Drink Your Carbs Launches a Guide to Losing Weight Without Giving Up Alcohol

Drink Your CarbsSAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 6, 2011  — Today, Drink Your Carbs celebrates the launch of drinkyourcarbs.com, a diet and lifestyle guide based on the premise that drinking alcohol is fully compatible with healthy weight loss.

Drink Your Carbs is a new approach to dieting. Whereas most diets prohibit alcohol, we encourage it. Whereas most diets promote either too much fat or too many starchy carbohydrates, we maintain that rejecting both extremes allows plenty of room for both alcohol consumption and weight loss.

It is often said that one cannot “have one’s cake and eat it too.”

We say: “Forget the cake. It is rarely worth the calories. But do tell me what you have on tap behind the bar.”

Drink Your Carbs contains no gimmicks. There are no pills to take. No shakes to blend. There is no need to embarrass yourself at weekly weigh-ins or purchase Drink Your Carbs branded frozen dinners. There is no magic formula for weight loss. Drink Your Carbs works on the same principal on which all diets work: calories in vs. calories out.

Half a bottle of wine adds approximately 275 calories to your day. If you want to lose weight, these calories have to be offset elsewhere. Fortunately, there are plenty of places to eliminate 275 calories. Over the past 50 years, heavily processed, low-nutrition foods have come to dominate the American diet. It is often said that a true American cuisine is hard to define; we think that the single most defining attribute is too many empty calories. The second most defining characteristic is probably the color beige.

Drinkyourcarbs.com will help identify and eliminate these unnecessary calories. You will have to make sacrifices, but giving up alcohol is not one of them.

Dirk in Denver, Colorado lost over 25 pounds. In his own words: “Drink Your Carbs is so much more enjoyable than true dieting…I find it easier to stick to both working out and eating well knowing I can have a couple of drinks with dinner.”

Drinkyourcarbs.com contains everything you need to successfully lose weight while continuing to live the life you want to live.

SOURCE Drink Your Carbs

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