Whispers and Dreams at RASgalleries May 2011

RASgalleries, Yountville’s prestigious art glass and original fine art gallery, located at 6540 Washington Street, has once again discovered magnificence in the work of emerging glass artist, Terri Albanese. Open daily from 10-5 and Tuesday by appointment. RASgalleries was established over 20 years ago and represents several hundred established American artists with a focus on dynamic and unique contemporary and traditional art glass. The luscious textured glass paintings of Terri Albanese are alive with movement and color, snapshots of beauty intended to evoke emotion and encourage admiration for the wonder that surrounds us.

Sometimes beauty sneaks up on a person, a streak of vermillion across indigo sky, the gentle unfolding of tulips, sunlight dancing on a bubbling brook. Terri sees a dream, a story, a heart, in an American Legion poppy, its petals ruffled by a breeze. A calla lily speaks to her as it stands straight and bold and confident. A raindrop is a mirror for the sun. These are the wonders of nature that whisper to Terri Albanese as she creates her work.

“Painting in glass is my way of sharing the splendor I experience in the world,” said Terri. “I am driven by the desire to present light against the darkness in life and I always feel blessed with spiritual guidance.”

An illustrator and designer for years, Terri searched for a medium that would allow her to express her desire to communicate the whispers and dreams of the world in a fresh and exciting style that was truly unique. During a trip to Italy she was drawn to mosaic signage found on boutiques and buildings, fascinated by the precision and meticulous setting of tiles in the classical Italian method, the compositions in a myriad of colors, the balance of new against ancient.

Today, her style is bold and inspiring, the process painstaking but rewarding to Terri. She still experiments constantly, reaching to capture the essence of a floral-inspired piece, striving for a “burst of energy” or a spontaneous “live in the moment” mood. accent pieces, tiny surprises in gold or millefiori, quartz, stringers and smalti to move the eye, stop the eye, and provide additional depth and texture.

An Artist Reception for ‘Whispers and Dreams’ will be held on Saturday, May 21, featuring the glass paintings of Terri Albanese. “Come and meet Terris, I am so delighted to represent her,” said Ronda. “Her work is fresh and exciting and each piece radiates passion. There is a lively energy in the work that stems from the personality of this artist and threads throughout each piece in the colors, the composition, and the astonishing details, illuminating each painting as if the sun shone only one place at a time.”

RASgalleries, located at 6540 Washington Street in Yountville, Napa Valley, California, may be reached by calling (707) 944-9211. RASgalleries is open daily from 10-5 and Tuesday by appointment. You may also visit the website at www.rasgalleries.com and on Facebook, look for RASgalleries Art Glass —Yountville.